Lash Extensions



Classic Lash Extensions are individual lashes glued one by one on top of your natural lash at the base ( never touching your skin ) to create length and fullness

Weightless ,  lashes move freely like your own . Waterproof in 24/48 hours .

Benefits of lash extensions

•Wake up and go

• no mascara necessary

• swimming , showering , sweat won’t affect your extensions * recommended to rinse eyes with fresh water after swimming *

• book your appt 3 days before vacation or special event


• arrive with a fresh clean face ,no eye make up

• contacts removed

• eyes will be closed up to 2 hrs

• Do your eyes water ?  You may not be a candidate for extensions

• Are you allergic to acrylic ?

Glue contains acrylic * please read






Certified with  BellaLash

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